Freedom: Is It Natural?

Freedom – the freedom to choose what we want, is upheld as very precious and sacrosanct by those who have experienced it. However, as all things, we take for granted due to the diminishing marginal utility of all human biological experiences, we get used to it. Our brains settle on to the neuroplastic knot that gives us lesser pleasure in indulging on the said activity. As a result, not only when it comes to freedom, but when it comes to anything of consequence, we all take it for granted. The most readily notable example would be oxygen and water. We forget that the state of the earth was not always such that it had a a bioshpere wherein humans could survive and thrive. What we have in this liberal, open societies is a gift of out times, which we all do readily forget because – we are “used to it.” When emergent phenomenon go awry and “shit hits the fan”, then we awaken momentarily and then go back to the status quo, which sadly has been far from the ideal trajectory humanity should take to thrive and flourish sustainable in the future.

When we criticize humanity, of which we ourselves also are a part, it’s our responsibility to explore the path humans should adopt. It’s very easy to blame the existing system which has natural evolved as a result of our geopolitics, culture and individual choices that have a collective influence on the biomass and the bio-shpere of the entire planet. Many humans have blamed the system, but thats just the first step. Its out job to go beyond and find answers.

Here is our attempt to come up with and postulate some answers and we are all, together in the project of criticizing these solutions where needed and rectifying them when and where needed, together:

1. Dissolution of countries, formation of a world Government – Operated by Global, Internet Based Weighted RealTime Democracy on a per issue basis, which is open to all and free for all, and operates on the principles of Deservism and Volunteerism.

2. Creating of a Global Cryptocurrency based monetary system, backed up by gold in the transitory phase (as humanity transitions from existing systems to protopic systems) and later backed up by the promise of the global human structure.

3. Developing an Education System to raise the spirituality and global inclusiveness of all humans, so that we are able to untrain our neuropathic brains from what will create conflict, chaos and war and move towards what will create peace and harmony.

4. Solving the Biological FreeRider Problem, and the problems of skewed luck, Global Insurance structures.
Solving other emergent probleme like – the problem of crony capitalism etc.

5. Ensuring this structure propagates to the future generations efficiently and sustainably.

It is a very ambitious project, yet one that will give purpose to humanity as a whole. Our greatest challenges come from within us, and there is where we must all fight. Our greatest threats are the threats of war and mob psychology and these must be preemptively solved for preferably all future times. Unless there is a psychological revolution, even if we are able to project humans to mars, their psychology isn’t going to suddenly change. If we have managed to destroy earth in a few centuries, Mars which is even more fragile, can be destroyed faster presumably. The destruction of the civilization is caused by us, natural calamities and other species don’t stand much of a chance to cause civilization level extinction events and can and should be handled in the best possible manner as they arise. It’s within us that the solutions to the global human problems life and its within our own selves that we must find the solutions.
Then, and only then can we look outwards to the stars and say that we did our very best to reach out to you, our universe.

Zenith Athang

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