Due to the diminishing marginal utility of returns relating to any experience(s), humans always seek novelty. As a result of this, humans end up consuming much more than otherwise in the domain of atoms and energy. Reducing the per capita energy consumption and materialistic consumptions and shifting the consumption to the domain of bits/information, as much as possible and thus living a minimalist lifestyle is a one method of shifting to a truly sustainable future. However, there are some forces that have naturally evolved as a result of biology and culture that result in us consuming more and more in the realm of atoms/matter.

The good news is that these tendencies can be deprogrammed via appropriate mechanisms(like Education and discussions and propagations in critical thinking, amongst other activities), because if the characteristics of neuroplasticity. The history of humanity with religion has shown us how a widespread social technology can affect the populus. Since religions are non-evolving, primitive social technologies, they will naturally inevitably go extinct because of the forces of rationalism and science. Humans can do little to stop the impact of the ideas, whose time has come to percolate in the collective social consciousness. The widespread dominion of ideas that evolve is of primary importance to solve the problems that evolve in a complex system to keep up with the pace of evolving problems and reach solutions is what will lead to harmony with nature and hence is most likely to result in sustainability for future generations of humans. We have a relationship with those unborn humans who depend on us for their presence and flourishing on this ecosphere. The old must make way for the new.

To expand our circle of concern to the entire ecosphere on which we depend, is one of the movements that should mark the 21st century if humans are to evolve and propagate into the future of earth and the universe maximally. If some project is worth pursuing and pouring our energies into, it is this one.

Our biology has created the problems, which we humans can collectively solve with our brains, which also, biology has created. Hence, our rational thought and emotional and intellectual maturity is what is stopping us from solving the problems that we see around us. We are all affected by the world we live in, none of us are all too powerful and immune from the vicissitudes of life and society. It’s us who can create a better future for ourselves by solving the problems we see, to the best possible degrees we can.

Zenith Athang
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