Can we Imagine a World Without Conflict and With Human Lives Having Purpose and Happiness?

Let’s call this type of a situation that we are trying to imagine as protopia. Let’s try to together understand and discuss how we can get their, together.

How can we have a world where we live without conflict? In order to understand this, we need to know from where conflict exactly arises?

We live on a finite planet with its finitude of resources. Natural selection favours the accumulation of resources so that humans can survive and thrive in the face of natural obstacles, and compete and win against non-human species. This is how biology has us evolve. On top of natural selection, sexual selection enables the formation of power, wealth, influence hierarchies and the inherent feudalistic nature of human societies, that evolves. Since males see females responding to the sexual selection forces, they behave in a greedier manner. Since females want the best for their offsprings, they broadcast selection signals based on the dominance hierarchies exhibited by men. Hence, the natural forces arising in the propagation of the human species, automatically tend towards the force of selfishness and greed.

Social technologies like religion and the spiritual movement have tried to curb the tendencies of greed and envy in humans as best as they can.

Let us understand that we are all having a fundamentally biological experience on planet earth. The biological nature of our experience implies that we tend to experience the emotional scale and we try to rise up in the emotional scale. For reference, we are attaching diagrams associated with the emotional scale:

Our emotions are nature’s biological feedback mechanism that tells our bodies, brains and minds where our biology wants us to move.

Now, here is a crucial part: There are many ways to solve this problem of upward mobility on the scale of emotions. Just like there can be many ways to get from City A to City B, just like there can be many ways to hit a cricket ball to score runs etc. Its incumbent upon us whether we are able to find out the most synergistic ways with the help of rationality, reason and maturity. Some paths are going to be more costly in the realm of atoms Can we move hordes of the human populace onward towards progress along the emotional scale, give them a sense of meaning – purpose – significance of life at the least possible cost or preferably with benefit to the global ecosphere and bio-spehere(in the domain of energy and atoms and in the subsequent derived domain of bits/information)? If we can do this, then we can ensure humans flourish and progress without harming the ecology and without harming each other and each others offsprings in the process. If we do not ensure this, and keep degrading the biosphere which we so dearly depend on, then we will be one of the many species that will learn by the torments of stasis via war/conflict, which destroys all the infrastructure we have painstakingly built.

We have to solve several problems as fast as we can. One being the problem of status. Another being the problem of equitable wealth distribution. Yet another being the problem of consumerism where we should actually head towards minimalism from consumerism. We shall be discussing possible solutions to these global problems that face humanity in coming times.

Zenith Athang

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