EPBA (Epiphany – Planned – Boomrang – AutoEffort)

📑 Types of Day to Day Work

💻 Epiphany Based Work
🌃 Sudden, deeper realization of how things work

▫️Document your epiphany and realization quickly, else you may lose it, due to weak memory and randomness.
▫️Helps in building insights & mental models, like this very mental model of types of work.

💻 Planned Work (The Big Rocks)
🌃 Consciously think and plan for Planned Effort

▫️Takes effort and is tiring, by Definition
▫️Eg: Learning a new skill like guitar or piano etc

💻 BoomRang Work | Pingback Work (The smaller pebbles)
🌃 Work that we are pinged about from the 🌌 universe or our vicinities

▫️Eg: Employees asking doubts in the work assigned
▫️Filing Taxes
▫️After eating a meal, having to pay the bill
▫️Mobile Recharges, Paying our rent or EMI, paying our bills
▫️Incentives in a company should be set up such that most work becomes pingback work from planned work and then autoeffort from pingback work.

💻 AutoEffort of work | The State of Flow or The State of Addiction (Sand)
🌃 Releases dopamine w/O any or much effort, feels like a Game, enjoyable, predictable yet not to each to be irrelevant.
🌃 Auto Effort is Synonymous with Addiction. It releases heavy doses of dopamine based on natural or trained/conditioned physiological responses.
The correct idea is to convert planned effort into auto effort in the domains one wants to progress in Eg: A chess grandmaster may enjoy playing chess very much, a physicist may enjoy physics a lot, a musician may love composing music a rational investor may love and be addicted to analyzing the markets and investing in them; and stay away from that autoeffort, which is not useful in the long run🏃for oneself Eg: Consumption of Porn, Sugar, Drugs etc.

▫Don’t have to fight for the same, these come naturally to humans
▫️Eg: Gaming, Porn, Watching Movies, chasing sexual access for men and chasing attention for women, Sugar, Nicotine, Methamphetamines and Drugs etc

📑 How to fill the Glass Jar of Daily Productivity

▫️Take three or four large rocks (Important Planned Effort Tasks) and add them to the jar. Do this preferably early in the day.

▫️Now take a small handful of pebbles and toss them in, jiggling it a bit to make them fit. (Boomrang Effort). These represent the lesser important tasks.

▫️Next, add a handful of sand.
Sand represent auto effort and how that fits into place.

Now fill the remaining space in the jar with water.
Water represents rest, relaxation, sleep and free time.

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